Before You Give Them The Keys, Use RealChek!

RealChek, here to help YOU!

RealChek's mission is to assist YOU in making and keeping more of your rental housing business income; to provide a reliable source for landlords and property managers to receive and report accurate, complete information on a person's renting conduct; to put the tenant/ resident on notice that their renting conduct will become part of their permanent rental record; to provide a service that commands the tenant/resident's attention and makes paying rent and rental conduct as important to them as it is to YOU!


The rental housing business is one of the most regulated businesses in the United States. Owner's Manual for Landlords and Property Managers offers a step-by-step practical approach that guides both beginning and seasoned landlords and rental property managers through the often complicated legal system. The professional guidance offered in this complete legal survival handbook will help landlords and property managers both make and keep rental housing income, reaffirming that knowledge is power, especially for those who make their living overseeing rental properties. Call today for your copy.