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Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are answers to frequently asked questions we receive. Have a question not found here, contact us.

RealChek's forms are compliant with Michigan laws.

RealChek has qualified personnel available to answer your questions. This is included in your full-service membership.

RealChek LLC, like all companies that provide an actual credit report, are required to have an on-site inspection of the location of where credit reports are received and stored. Each situation is unique and the time will depend on the availability of a RealChek LLC employee or an outside source. You may use any of the other services immediately, except for the purchase of a credit report.

Yes, you may. We encourage you to charge an application fee as the first step in your screening procedure. If your applicant is unwilling to pay an application fee, then they may not have money to pay the rent or there is something in their past renting conduct which they are trying to hide. There are ways to deal with the application fee which we share with our members.

RealChek takes pride in its member services. We have personnel available during our normal business hours to assist you with any of your landlord/tenant matters.

We have been serving landlords and property managers across the United States since 1987.

RealChek has held many seminars with featured speakers to cover current topics important to landlords and property managers. We are very hands-on and are always available to assist our members. This is worth the annual membership fee. RealChek reports are concise and readily available on its website for easy access and storing.