Before You Give Them The Keys, Use RealChek!


RealChek is the premier nationwide company that landlords and property managers turn to for all their rental housing needs. For the hands-on landlords, RealChek features scored credit reports, statewide and national eviction reports, statewide and national criminal reports, etc. With this information, you are able to screen your applicants objectively. For the newer landlords or the seasoned landlords who are interested in protecting their assets from Fair Housing/Discrimination claims, RealChek has a Qualification Report which NO OTHER service or company can offer. RealChek will personally contact your applicant’s references and verify their renting/living history, cross-reference all information within our data base and then provide you with a numerical score from 0 to 10 with 10 being the best. You simply establish the threshold score that you will accept for your rental unit and rent to the applicant who qualifies. Because this is an objective score with the rating given by a disinterested third-party (RealChek), any claim of Fair Housing/Discrimination should be dismissed. RealChek has assisted landlords and property managers using the Qualification Report when there has been a complaint made that someone was discriminated against.

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RealChek has all your legally required forms available for purchase. Our NCR forms give you the perfect paper trail and comply with your state laws. Many forms available on-line or in stores DO NOT comply with state laws. Some forms even admit this but require you to add the language. Why purchase a form that doesn’t comply and requires you to add the language? RealChek, also, provides technical assistance you may need in filling in your forms. RealChek is ready to assist you and this is included in your membership investment.

Truly, one call to one company "RealChek" for all your rental housing needs.


Landlord/tenant court filings that include possession and money judgments or forcible detainers non-money judgments. Includes statewide search.

Pursuant to Megan’s Law and the availability of sex offender records, we will search to determine if your applicant is a register Sex offender. This search is used for qualifying your applicant, and not for use on a current tenant.

By simply setting up your on-line account, you can submit applications and retrieve the report. Also, your past reports will be retained for future retrieval. You can pay for your reports directly online.

This report includes a scored credit report as well as a statewide eviction report. You will receive a response in 60 minutes or less. You must have an on-site inspection of where the consumer credit reports or used and/or stored before purchase.

This report is a two-year “ Rental Conduct Report”,. You will receive any information from RealChek’s Database**. This report consists of telephone interviews with current and past references to provide you with the applicants payment trends, lease violations, complaints, condition of the property, and any legal actions taken, including the filing of Demands for Possession, Notices to Quit, Unlawful Detainers, lawsuits, and/or Judgments, both for Possession and Money. You will also receive a scored credit report. RealChek’s Qualification Report contains a numerical score, based solely on rental conduct. The numerical score ranges from 0 to 10, with 10 being the best. You will base the acceptability of the applicant on this numerical score. This will allow you to comply with Fair Housing Laws. You must have an on-site inspection of where the consumer credit reports or used and/or stored before purchase. If you rent to the applicant, you can request RealChek to send your new tenant a Welcome Letter. **Database consists of verified rental history reports, verified resident profile forms, landlord/tenant court cases, and past and present RealChek collection services accounts.

TransUnion Credit Report with FICO score. If additional information or support is needed, this report will need to be upgraded to QuikChek or Qualification.You must have an on-site inspection of where the consumer credit reports or used and/or stored before purchase.

RealChek has available the RealChek Standard Application, About Your Application, Rejection Notices, Tenant Profile (for you to report your tenants), Welcome Letters, and more for only $2.00 per pad of 25. You may also purchase the federally required Lead Based Paint Pamphlet or Lead Based Paint Disclosure forms. Other forms available are Leases, Inventory Checklists, Damage Notification, Maintenance Repair Request form, and more.

RealChek will verify your applicant's current employer by inquiring into length of employment, hours working per week, amount of wages or salary, position being held, and the prospect of continued employment.

This letter welcomes the new tenant with a gentle reminder of the importance of their renting obligations and that you may report their renting conduct to RealChek. This, of course, encourages tenant manageability.

Our Violation Notice gets the tenant/resident's attention! It can be used to correct any rental violation as well as unpaid rent. Our notice clearly states what the violation is, they have 5 days to correct the situation before becoming part of their permanent rental history, and that if the violation continues -- they may be evicted.

By simply setting up your on-line account, you can submit applications and retrieve the report. Also, your past reports will be retained for future retrieval. You can pay for your reports, purchase and pay for forms, and request Letters or Violation Notices. By giving your applicants a special code, they can submit their application, pay for the report, and you can retrieve the application and the report.

We will provide answers to questions about the best way to use our Tenant Management System, forms, and general landlord/tenant situations. If situation requires attorney assistance, you may be requested to pay discounted attorney fee.

You can use RealChek Legal Services, PLC with or without a current membership to RealChek LLC. RealChek Legal Services, PLC is a collection agency that has the ability to place your former resident’s debt on their nationwide RealChek Tenant Record and on their nationwide credit report. RealChek Legal Services, PLC has access to all applications being processed by RealChek LLC and also has access to credit reports together with the vast resources of RealChek LLC. You do not have to wait for a money judgment to turn bad rental debts over for collection. As long as you have a valid debt that is not over six years old, you can submit it to us. We will take it from there. RealChek has recovered over a million dollars of lost money.

This search determines felony conviction records. These are statewide searches or nationwide searches.

This search determines felony conviction records. These are nationwide searches.